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It has become more popular for people to use their open fires and stoves in their homes to reduce heating costs. An open fire in the home is welcoming and creates a warm, cosy atmosphere. However, it’s really important to be aware of the potential dangers of having an open fire or stove in your home. One of the biggest risks is that creosote and tar can build up in the chimney flue, and if this ignites, it can cause a chimney fire, with the risk of the chimney breast cracking and heat, sparks or flames entering the attic space or between floors. Additionally, a blocked flue can lead to the build-up of Carbon Monoxide (CO) in the home, which is poisonous and could put your family’s health and wellbeing in danger. It’s therefore essential that, whatever type of fuel you use, solid, gas or oil, it is always correctly vented to the outside of the building, and that the chimney is swept by an established chimney sweep.

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Comprehensive Chimney Sweep Services In Dunlaoghaire

At All Clean, we offer a wide range of services to cater to your fireplace and stove cleaning needs:

Open-Fire Chimney Clean
Stove Cleaning
Smoke Testing (upon request)
Bird’s Nest Removal
Chimney Cowl Supply & Installation
Chimney Capping for Unused Chimneys
If you’re experiencing issues with your open fire or wood-burning/multi-fuel stove, don’t hesitate to call us at 087 250 1823.

Our Commitment to Cleanliness and Safety

We take pride in our meticulous chimney sweeping service in Dun Laoire. Our team utilises the power-sweep brushing method and industrial wet/dry vacuum cleaners with multi-filters to ensure the complete removal of soot, dust, and debris from your property. Regular chimney cleaning is essential to reduce the risk of chimney fires, which are a leading cause of house fires during winter.

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